CSP – A CHED scholarship program for college students who meet certain academic requirements.

DOST – Department of Science and Technology scholarship granted to junior / senior high school and college students.

Diocesan Scholarship – Diocese of Maasin funded scholarship given to deserving Catholic students who meet the requirements and able to maintain satisfactory academic standing. Students must also possess good moral conduct.

YSLEP / Caritas Manila – Provides college education for poor, underprivileged but deserving youth.

School Dance Troupe (KAST) – The school grants full / half tuition discount to college students who have talent in bodily rhythmic movements.

SJC “Shepherds’ Voice Choir” – The musically gifted college students find their spot in the Shepherds’ Voice Choir and enjoy tuition fee discount.

Varsity / Outstanding Athletes – The school recognizes students who excel in sports by granting full or half scholarship.

Academic – A full, half or ¼ tuition fee discount is granted to students who meet specific academic rating.

CORE – 60% tuition fee discount given to students who come from Sogod or Baybay and areas beyond these points.

SJC Employee Special Discount – An employee benefit granted to those who are serving for a specific number of years availing 10%, 20%, 50% and even 100% tuition fee discount in all levels.

Group Discount – For parents with three of more children enrolled in SJC.

Special Discount for Children of Alumni – Children of SJC alumni can enjoy special tuition fee discount.

Cash Discount – Certain percentage is discounted from the tuition fee paid in full upon enrollment.

Senior High School Graduate Discount – Students who are alumni in SJC in their senior high school take advantage of a twenty percent (20%) discount from their tuition fee.

Working Scholars – SJC grants scholarship to deserving junior / senior high school and college students through the Working Scholar Program.

High School Alumni Foundation Scholarship – The scholarship covers high school through college education.

Student Leader (FCSO President) – The president of the college student government organization can enjoy full tuition fee discount.

Editor & Editorial Staff, The Josephinian (School Paper) – The school grants full tuition fee discounts or equivalent honorarium per semester to the editor and staff of the school paper.

School Band Scholarship – Being a member of the junior high school band qualifies one to a full / half / ¼ tuition fee discount.

Tertiary Education Subsidy (UNIFAST) – A government subsidy granted to very poor, poor and near poor college students.

Honor Graduate (Elementary / Junior / Senior High School) – Highest / High Honor –full tuition fee discount, 2nd in rank -50% discount, 3rd and 4th in rank -20% discount.