Vision, Mission and Goals


Saint Joseph College, a Catholic School, envisions an evangelized and evangelizing community providing excellent integral education and involvement in social transformation.


We commit: to build the Saint Joseph College Educative Family (SJCEF) centered on Christ; to form every member into an integral human person imbued with the gospel values and equipped with excellent quality education; and to be an active agent in making a humane society.


  1. GOAL 1 Related to Community / Family.
    OBJECTIVE: To deepen the culture of love, respect and service among the members of SJCEF
  2. GOAL 2 Related to Religious / Catholic Identity.
    OBJECTIVE: To teach and proclaim the gospel values and be good living examples of Catholic faith
  3. GOAL 3 Relate to Education.
    OBJECTIVE: To continue develop and excel in academics, research, sports, arts and culture
  4. GOAL 4 Related to Facilities.
    OBJECTIVE: To provide facilities that ensure quality education for global competitiveness
  5. GOAL 5 Related to Administration.
    OBJECTIVE: To promote the well-being of SJCEF members
  6. GOAL 6 Related to Faculty Development
    OBJECTIVE: To offer opportunities for personal and professional growth through research and extension
  7. GOAL 7 Related to Extension Services.
    OBJECTIVE: To show our love and concern for others and society through community and social action program